The laboratory participated in the South China Sea Industrial Science and Technology Promotion Conference and signed a contract

On May 5, the 2023 Industrial Science and Technology Promotion Conference was held in Nanhai District, Foshan City, and it was clearly proposed to build the South China Sea into an industrial science and technology innovation highland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Zhou Zixiao, Deputy mayor of Foshan City, Wang Yong, governor of Nanhai District, etc. attended the conference. Shi Siqing, Executive Deputy director and Party Secretary of the laboratory, represented the laboratory to attend the conference and signed a contract.

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On behalf of the laboratory, Director Shi Siqing signed a contract with Monalisa Group Co., LTD., to build a zero-carbon combustion industrialization technology innovation consortium for ceramic kilns; Signed contracts with Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum Profile Factory (Group) Co., LTD., Guangdong Yilike Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD., to build a zero-carbon combustion technology innovation consortium for aluminum profile industrial kiln. In the future, the laboratory will cooperate with relevant enterprises sincerely, face the market, carry out joint innovation, and greatly improve the ability of technological innovation, product research and development and industrialization.

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At the meeting, Director Shi Siqing attended the opening and sharing ceremony of scientific research equipment in Nanhai District. Scientific research instruments and equipment are essential equipment support to carry out scientific and technological innovation. The open sharing of scientific research instruments and equipment can further improve the utilization efficiency of scientific and technological resources, help enterprises save research and development and manufacturing costs, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. A total of 24 science and technology innovation platforms will be opened to share scientific research instruments and equipment, creating public open laboratories and giving more new impetus to scientific and technological innovation of enterprises in the South China Sea.

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At the conference, the "20 Articles of Science and Innovation in the South China Sea" was officially released, including four parts: supporting enterprise RD and innovation, strengthening platform performance service management, improving the service level of science and innovation team, and strengthening the support of innovation ecological elements. A total of 20 measures are taken to help enterprises have stronger innovation ability, higher conversion efficiency of science and innovation platform, faster growth of talent team, and better environment for science and technology innovation. To provide strong support for building a modern and dynamic new South China Sea.