The laboratory hosted the World Hydrogen Energy Conference on new energy fusion of hydrogen energy and ammonia hydrogen

On May 23, 2023, the World Hydrogen Technology Conference was grandly opened in Qiao Shan Cultural Center, Nanhai District, Foshan City. Mr. Wan Gang, Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Sun Zhiyang, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Mr. Xu Niansa, Party Secretary and President of China Machinery Industry Federation, Mr. Zheng Ke, Party Secretary of Foshan City, and other leaders attended the conference. The conference invited 13 Chinese and foreign academicians, 63 foreign guests and 126 domestic and foreign representatives of hydrogen energy enterprises to attend the conference.

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On May 25, a special event on the fusion of hydrogen energy and ammonia-hydrogen was successfully held by Xianhu Laboratory. The new energy technology of ammonia-hydrogen fusion is a new field in the hydrogen energy industry, which has attracted wide attention all over the world. Xianhu Laboratory is the first in the country to deploy ammonia-hydrogen fusion technology, and has made important progress in ammonia-hydrogen fusion high-temperature zero-carbon combustion technology and zero-carbon transportation equipment technology.

The forum has a total of nine reports, covering the preparation and utilization of green hydrogen and green ammonia, ammonia hydrogen storage and transportation and related equipment manufacturing, as well as the basic research and application technology development of hydrogen and ammonia-hydrogen fusion new energy technology in the next generation of fuel cells, building materials, power generation, aviation engines, transportation equipment and other fields.

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Academician Cheng Yibing, strategic scientist of the laboratory, presided over the meeting and made a keynote speech on "Ammonia-hydrogen zero-carbon combustion Technology and high-temperature industrial Application". Academician Cheng said that ammonia-hydrogen fusion new energy and key material technology is based on the fact that ammonia and hydrogen are renewable zero-carbon clean energy, and ammonia and hydrogen can be converted into each other, and can complement each other in different application scenarios. The development of ammonium-hydrogen fusion new energy and key material technology provides an important technical way to solve the major problems faced by hydrogen energy storage and transportation and solve the major problems faced by China's high-temperature manufacturing industry and transportation equipment industry.

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Feng Hansheng, deputy director of the Hydrogen Energy and Ammonia Application Research Center of the Energy Research Institute of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, made a report on the ammonium-doped combustion engineering Practice of 300MW coal power units.

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Professor Wu Yun of Air Force Engineering University described the development of ammonia and hydrogen technology at home and abroad in the field of aviation in the report "Research on ammonia and hydrogen zero carbon combustion technology for aviation engines".

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Lin Haitao, president and senior engineer of Technology Research Institute of China Global Engineering Co., Ltd. introduced the Innovation and Development Outlook of Green ammonia Energy Flexible Synthesis Technology.

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Qiao Xiaoli, chief engineer of Lanshi Reassembly, shared the development and application experience of "Research on ammonia and hydrogen industry chain and Equipment" to the participants.   

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Liu Yuxin, researcher of Xianhu Laboratory and vice president of Academician of Carbon neutral Technology Research Institute of Ammonia-Hydrogen Fusion Transportation Equipment, elaborated the key technologies of ammonia-hydrogen fusion zero-carbon transportation equipment in the report "Research on ammonia-Hydrogen fusion zero-carbon transportation equipment".

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Tang Haolin, deputy director of Foshan Xianhu Laboratory and professor of Wuhan University of Technology, introduced the technical progress and development plan of hydrogen fuel cell research, as well as the major achievements and core technologies in the report "Research on Key materials of the next generation hydrogen fuel cell".

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Jiang Sunjian, CIMC Hydrogen Energy Ammonia Hydrogen Division, shared the Current Situation and Future of ammonia hydrogen Storage and Transportation.

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Li Liangjun, secretary of the Branch of Energy Storage Science and Engineering Department of New Energy College of China University of Petroleum (East China) and associate professor, shared the "Directional purification and high-value Utilization of industrial by-product Hydrogen".

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The experts and scholars at the meeting agreed that China should speed up the research and development of zero-carbon combustion technology for ammonia and hydrogen new energy and expand the application scenarios of zero-carbon combustion technology. At the same time, the research and development of green ammonia preparation and liquid ammonia long-distance pipeline transportation technology should be accelerated to provide a feasible technical way to solve the difficulties of hydrogen energy storage and transportation.