Foshan Xianhu Hydrogen Power Technology Co., LTD., relying on Foshan Xianhu Laboratory, focuses on the research and development, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell systems and core components, and provides heavy-duty commercial vehicles with heavy-duty, high-power, high-efficiency and long-time hydrogen fuel cell vehicle power system solutions and engineering application development services, committed to becoming the industry leader in the development and utilization of hydrogen energy. For the national carbon peak carbon neutral goal to create sustainable development of green power.

Model T105 Off-highway Fuel Cell Mineral Sample Vehicle


(Combined with Shaanxi Tongli Heavy Industry Research and Development, Equipped with Hydrogen Technology Qds-100 Hydrogen Fuel Cell System)

Application Scenarios:

Low Speed, Heavy Load, Large Slope, Large Temperature Difference Area.

QDS-100 Hydrogen Fuel Cell System


Suitable Vehicle Type:

Medium and Large Commercial Vehicles

Product Features:

Ø High power density, strong environmental adaptability;

Ø Fast startup speed and easy maintenance;

Ø The output voltage drops slowly with the current, and the efficiency is good.

T90 Heavy Truck Electric Drive Axle

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Product Features

Ø Electric drive instead of complex mechanical drive, optimize vehicle layout, reduce vehicle weight;

Ø Recover braking energy and improve energy efficiency;

Ø Electronic differential and torque coordination control, improve wheel control dynamic response.