Foshan Xianhu Laboratory of the Advanced Energy Science and Technology Guangdong Laboratory

Foshan Xianhu Laboratory is a key provincial laboratory in Guangdong Province, focused on the development and industrialization of key materials and core technologies in the field of hydrogen energy and hydrogen ammonia fusion in Guangdong Province. The first phase of the laboratory construction (2020-2022) has invested 1.88 billion yuan to build seven first-class support platforms and eight research and development centers that support original research and core technology research. It also has Guangdong Provincial Academician Workstation and Postdoctoral Research Workstation, forming a research talent team with academicians as the core and national high-end talents as the backbone. The original research results have been published in the world's top journal Science, and breakthroughs have been made in core technology, Some achievements have been industrialized. By building key materials and transportation equipment in the field of hydrogen and hydrogen ammonia integrated new energy and national strategic scientific and technological forces in the field of carbon neutrality in high-temperature industry, they have become an important part of the international scientific and technological innovation center in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

Business Scope

  • Strengthen basic research and applied basic research, and strengthen the source reserve of new ideas, new methods, new principles and new knowledge.

  • Focus on major national and Guangdong science and technology projects, organize industry university research to jointly tackle key problems, and break through a number of key common technologies.

  • Promote the research, demonstration and application of modern engineering technology, and strengthen technology development and integration, equipment development and large-scale application.

  • Promote the incubation and transfer of scientific and technological achievements.

  • Attract, gather and cultivate high-level scientific and technological innovation talents, and lead the construction of strategic scientific and technological talents, leading scientific and technological talents, young scientific and technological talents and high-level innovation teams

  • Undertake other tasks entrusted by the government.

Create "Five centers" in the field of new energy fusion of hydrogen energy and hydrogen ammonia

  • Cutting-edge Technology Research and Development Center

  • High-tech Business Incubation Center

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for Students

  • High-level Talent Collection and Exchange Center

  • Technology Transfer and Radiation Center

Xianhu Laboratory

Xianhu Laboratory

Xianhu Laboratory