Foshan Xianhu Hydrohe Technology Co., LTD., initiated by the technical team of Wuhan University of Technology, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of metal bipolar plate. The company has studied and solved key technical problems such as precision forming, connecting and coating of metal bipolar plates, and produced high-performance metal bipolar plates for fuel cells by high-quality and efficient forming. The company has built a manufacturing base for key components of fuel cell electroreactor, which promotes the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry in China and helps realize the vision of "double carbon".

With years of research and profound technology accumulation in alloy material processing and forming, the company team has formed a number of unique metal bipolar plate processing and forming technologies and processes with fully independent intellectual property rights. It is the first time to propose metal bipolar plate warm precision stamping forming technology in China, breaking through the international technical blockade. First, it achieved the precision stamping forming of stainless steel and titanium bipolar plates, with a base material thickness of 0.1-0.07mm, Reach the international advanced level.

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Precision Stamping of High Precision Metal Bipolar Plate  

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High Performance Stainless Steel Bipolar Plate with Length 450mm, Width 130mm and Flow Field Depth 0.5mm Prepared by Ram-Weld-Coating

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Simulation of Die Filling Process and Plate Thickness Change in Plate Precision Stamping

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Stainless Steel Bipolar Plates Have Excellent Corrosion Resistance and Contact Resistance When Coated